About our bikes

Bicycling is the most beautiful way to see our city and the nation around. Only in Helsinki we have close to 1000 kilometers of biking lanes so even on our main street, Mannerheimintie, it is nice and comfortable to bike just like at all the wonderful parks where we visit on all our tours! We are also not known of high hills, so the few little rises we have, you can be sure to champion them easily with our comfortable and well-maintained new bikes.

Bicycles on city tours

We use comfortable 2-speed cruiser bikes on our city tours. These bikes have both back pedal foot brake and one hand brake so you feel free and comfortable to cruise around with us. All of them also have a box or basket in front to put your bag or camera. These Poni bikes were made perfect for sightseeing!

Fat Bikes

We also offer tours on fat tyre bikes for wintertime and off road cycling. On these tours we trust the quality of the Finnish company Solifer as our bike provider. On our Helsinki by Fat Bike tour we use 7-gear fat bikes which are comfortable when the route and terrain varies from parks to biking lanes and forest paths. On Fat Bike Forest Ride we use single-speed fat tyre bikes made for off-road riding.

Bikes for longer rides

On longer tours outside the center of Helsinki, we use 3-speed Tunturi bikes or 21-gear hybrid or mountain bikes depending on the nature of the tour. 3-speed Tunturi bikes have one hand brake and back pedal foot brake just like the Poni bikes. 21-speed models have only hand brakes because most of them have Shimano gears. Principally all our bikes come from the classic Finnish bicycle company Tunturi.

Bringing your own bike

Your bicycle is always included in your tour price. But you can also participate with your own bike when you will get a discount of 10 euros of the tour prices presented on our website.

Tunturi 3-speed bikes are used on Green Trail Ride. There are separate models for both males and females. Same goes for 21-gear bikes we use on longer tours to Porvoo and Lake Tuusula.


Comfortable unisex PONI bike for Helsinki Highlights on Bikes!

Solifer Fat Bike on Helsinki by Fat Bike tour