Meeting Points

Meeting Points

We have three different meeting points for our public bike tours. Most of the tours, such as Helsinki Highlights by Bikes, Berry Picking by Bike, Sunset Sauna Cycle and Arts & Archipelago Cycle have a meeting point  in the very heart of the city on Narinkka Square in Kamppi, which is the modern center of Helsinki.

For Green Trail Ride and longer tours outside Helsinki like the customized Porvoo by bike and Lake Tuusula day trip the meeting points is street address Vyökatu 7 in Katajanokka neighborhood.

For Fat Bike Forest Ride our meeting point is at the Vuosaari Paddling Center in the street address of Harbonkatu 12, Helsinki.

You will always get the information on your meeting point as well as your personal arrival instructions along with the confirmation email for your tour. Please read it carefully!


Meeting point in Kamppi

Our meeting point on Narinkka Square in Kamppi is very easy to reach from anywhere, since it’s the modern center of the city. Kamppi is the biggest downtown shopping center and Narinkka square is the home of famous Kamppi Chapel of Silence.

We are based exactly on the other side of the square from the Chapel. When you find black containers with bicycle symbols you will find us. The Poni bikes are lined on the side of the container (look at the photo above!)

The exact street address is Narinkka 3, Helsinki.

Connections to Kamppi

Kamppi has excellent connections from all the cruise ship ports and we are also two blocks away from the Main Railway Station where the airport buses and trains arrive. 

From West Harbour terminal + LMA & LV7 quays comes tram number 9. Get off at Simonkatu stop. There you can already see the wooden structure of Kamppi Chapel. It is only a 15 minutes tram ride. 

From Hernesaari berths (LHC & LHB) comes local bus number 14 to Kamppi. It is a 15 minutes bus ride. Get off at Kamppi (M) stop when you see McDonalds on your left. Walk 50 meters back on the same side walk as the bus stop and take first (walking) street left. Now you're walking on the side of Kamppi shopping center. Proceed and soon down & right you will find the Narinkka square. Please note! Don't get off at Kampintori stop, which is one stop before Kamppi (M).

From Katajanokka cruise ship berths and Viking Line terminal take tram 4 to the Lasipalatsi stop. From Olympiaterminaali and Linda Line terminal, tram 2 comes takes you to the Simonkenttä stop. It’s only around 15 minutes trip.


Journey Planner (Reittiopas) is an excellent web service to help you getting around the city of Helsinki by public transport. Visit Journey Planner website >>



Our meeting point for Green Trail Ride and all the longer bike tours taking you outside of the city will be in the street address of Vyökatu 7 in Katajanokka neighborhood.

Katajanokka has a connection from the city center with tram number 4. The distance is about 1 kilometer from the Senate Square. The tram stop is also called Vyökatu. When you get off, you are going to see the big red brick wall of Hotel Katajanokka. Vyökatu street starts on the left corner of the prison hotel wall. Walk up two blocks to find the bikes lined on the side of a park.




Vuosaari Paddling Center is located about 15 kilometres from the center of Helsinki but you can easily reach it by public transport cause it´s just off our city metro / subway line.

Take metro train from the city center to Vuosaari as the final destination and get off at Rastila stop. You can connect to metro for example in Kamppi or at the Central Railway Station.

Get out at the Rastila metro stop and exit from the doors in the end side of the train (when you come from city center). There is a bus stop for line 560 (final destination: Myyrmäki). The fourth stop on the route is called Harbonkatu, which is the street that starts just before the bus stop. Vuosaari Paddling Center is located in the end of this street.

Equally you can walk one kilometer on Meri-Rastilan Tie street, which starts when you take left after exiting the metro in Rastila. Then turn down and right on Harbonkatu street where you will see the Natura Viva sign.

The exact street address of Vuosaaren Melontakeskus / Vuosaari Paddling Center is: Harbonkatu 12, Helsinki.